When I realized that most of my readings turned into psychic development sessions, I decided to focus on teaching instead.

Are you ready to reawaken your dormant psychic abilities?

I can help you learn how to:

·  Protect yourself and your space

·  Energetically heal yourself or others

·  Communicate and interact with the other side


I’m also available for spirit rescue or to clear/cleanse locations and people.


When your home or office is hosting paranormal activity, many problems can arise.

·  Having trouble selling your house?

·  Do people avoid coming over to visit?

·  Are your children or pets afraid?

And sometimes we pick up hitchhiking spirits who like to hang out in our personal space, influencing and affecting our emotions, energy, and decisions.*

·  Has your emotional state suddenly shifted without any apparent reason?

·  Do you feel drained of energy and unable to focus?

·  Has your inner dialogue been hijacked to promote unhealthy actions or activities?

I can help correct these issues so your life gets back on track. Live or long distance.


In person, on the phone, through Zoom, or via email. Please contact me for details. 


*Please note: All medical or health issues or questions should be addressed by a healthcare professional. If you've got something going on that you're unsure about, please go see your doctor, they know what they're doing. I work in a supplementary fashion and don't claim to cure any disease or solve any issues because I'm not a doctor and the problem may well be a part of your life path.

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Brett developed his relationship with the paranormal at an early age thanks to his parents’ knack for unwittingly picking haunted houses for the family to live in. At 7 years old he began teaching himself how to confirm or debunk his personal ghost-related observations and experiences and from then on, Brett harbored a distrust of authority figures and mainstream thought because they largely discredited the paranormal without due consideration. On the other hand, his background fostered an open mind and an attitude that absolutely anything is possible. This philosophy enabled Brett to find success working in such varied careers as visual arts, television production, and teaching. It also inspired Brett to develop and pursue the gift of his paranormal abilities, which allows him to (remotely or in person):


  • communicate with ghosts, angels, and other entities

  • clear ghosts, demons, and negative energy from locations and people

  • heal with energy

  • rescue or assist spirits with moving on if they are stuck here


When he's got permission from his wife, Brett rides off to explore the country on his motorcycle, or finds budget adventure in other parts of the world, often for months at a time, and always seeking the paranormal.




The most effective way to schedule a session or connect with me is through email. Otherwise, feel free to give me a call, but if I don't pick up, please leave a message. I will get back to you.


Please note: When you contact me for this service, do not provide details in the initial conversation. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by anything you’ve told me.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to speak with you soon!

Brett Carstens


2633 Lincoln Blvd #523, Santa Monica, CA 90405




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​Information and services offered are for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only.

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