Are you looking to reawaken your dormant psychic abilities?


I've realized that many of my readings have turned into psychic development sessions, often with my clients coming away from my readings with a greater understanding of themselves and the magical world we live in. They also learn new skills that they can employ to protect themselves and their space, energetically heal themselves or others, or communicate with and interact with the other side.


For psychic development coaching, we'll first work to get you and your space clear of unsupportive energies, blocks, conditions, and beings (attachments). We'll get you healed and at a baseline for beginning work. Then we'll explore your abilities and aptitudes and work to get you focused, tuned into your guides, protected, and figure out where in this massive magical world your want to take your abilities. Email me for more information and rates.

Readings focus on giving you the healing support that the other side thinks is important for you at this time in your life. Loved ones may come through, guides may have messages of hope or teaching for you, or the other side will simply want to send energies to help you heal.

We're here together on this physical plane to learn, grow, and experience what life has to offer, both wonderful and tragic. I've been blessed with the skills, talents, and otherworldly assistance to help you to gain a wider perspective of hope, encouragement, and healing to support you in being the beautiful soul you are meant to be.

Readings can be done live, on the phone, through Zoom, or through email. It doesn't matter how far the distance. I just need your first name and the name of the city you call home. I'll work with you to get the answers, resolution, and healing that you're seeking.

Just send me an email or give me a call and we can get started. 

Your Path

Psychic Coaching & Teaching 

Spiritual Healing

Let me help you to navigate your spiritual awakening. The veil that separates the dimensions is thinning and everyone is reestablishing a stronger connection to the other side. As your psychic abilities surface and you have wild experiences, let me help to guide you and alleviate some of the stress that comes with such a transition.


First, I'll help you to clear spiritual and paranormal issues such as your personal blocks, issues in your energy field, attachments, debris, and baggage you may have. We'll get your chakras sorted out, and will remove any unsupportive spirits, ghosts, or other beings or energies in your space.


Then once you're clear of unwanted interference, we'll get to work on your psychic development. I'll train you in meditation, grounding, psychic protection, working with your energy fields, and teach you to connect with your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side.

Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication

I usually allow the session to develop around what your loved ones, friends, and spirit guides on the other side of the veil think is most useful for you at the moment. They've got a wider perspective and know what's best for you. 

When I communicate with spirit, I may see, hear, and feel them, or they might present scenes or stories that relate to you or your situation. Often their messages are of concern and love for us, here in the physical world. They don't want us to worry about them. They're fine! But I know how nice it is to hear it from them.

Consulting & Investigation

Consulting & Investigation

I've got a wealth of experience in the paranormal and spiritual realms and a solid connection with my team on the other side so I may be in a position to offer assistance in other ways. Please email me with any proposals you may have. 

Spiritual Clearing

When the other side pulls me to work in a healing capacity for you, sometimes they have instructions that we might follow in order to take care of a health issue, or I might be required to channel the Universe's healing energies to you. I do not require physical contact to be effective.  I work remotely, using the Universe's energy to manipulate, adjust, and recharge your energy and remove attachments. I have been successful in taking care of issues such as energetic blocks, or disharmony in the body or auric fields that promote illness. 

PLEASE NOTE: All medical or health issues or questions should be addressed by a healthcare professional. If you've got something going on that you're unsure about, please go see your doctor, they know what they're doing. I work in a supplementary fashion and don't claim to cure any disease or solve any issues because I'm not a doctor and the problem may well be a part of your life path.

Spiritual Healing


The most effective way to schedule a session or connect with me is through email. Otherwise, feel free to give me a call, but if I don't pick up, please leave a message. I will get back to you.


Please note: When you contact me for this service, do not provide details in the initial conversation. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by anything you’ve told me.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to speak with you soon!

Brett Carstens


2633 Lincoln Blvd #523, Santa Monica, CA 90405