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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a general reading? I don't want you to give me any more information than I'm asking for at first, and that'll just be your first name and the city where you live. I'll then focus in on you, and see what I get. Sometimes I'll see images in my mind's eye, hear messages, or spirits or guides will come forward to present themselves. I'll follow whatever information we're given, and once we're off and running, you can begin asking questions to follow up or confirm the information I'm picking up and relaying to you. 


Where does the information come from? Most of it is given to me by my guides, your guides, spirits, and other beings. I will also sometimes pick up information from your energies and auric fields.


What do you mean, other beings? The world is full of all sorts of beings. If you are really interested I'll tell you more during a session. But be assured, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare)


Are you a mind reader? Pfft. I wish. Wait. That would probably lose its appeal really quickly.


Isn't this, um, evil, or something? Nope. I'm a good guy. I roll with angels. If God didn't want us to be able to do this, He (She, Source, Higher Power, etc.) wouldn't have allowed it. The psychic mediums and light-workers I've known are some of the most loving, healing, compassionate, and honorable people I've met.


So you're religious? I'm not necessarily religious, but having the experiences I've had, I've read the bible and studied other religions. I've got to say that the main themes and ideas from all religions I've studied jibe with one another. The world of spirit isn't contained by a single culture.

What if the guides tell you that somebody's going to die? Those folks who I talk to on the other side are loving and have our best interests in mind. They wouldn't tell us something like that. They've got their rules, too. they aren't allowed to interfere, and I think giving that kind of information wouldn't serve us very well. And I've never had them say anything like that, anyway.


Alright, if you've got more questions, just send me an email and I'll post and answer it right here.


Mountain Sunset
The Path
A Glimpse

A Glimpse into Heaven

I got a glimpse into heaven one afternoon, while sitting in our car outside of a little Vietnamese restaurant. Well, it wasn't necessarily heaven, but looking into the doorway, down the tunnel that leads to heaven...


Crystal, my wife, was asking if I'd look in (psychically) on a friend's workplace.  I'm simplifying greatly, but he and other employees reported that the place was haunted. You know, the wild account of pans flying off of shelves and the feeling that somebody is standing right over your shoulder watching you. When you look, nobody's there. "Alright, I'll look into it," I said.


I closed my eyes and went into my meditative state and focused in on my friend and his workplace. A couple of minutes later I found myself with a terribly distraught man. Again, I'll push forward to the good part, skipping the details. But we talked for a few minutes about his ordeal, sorrow, and resistance to crossing over. My words or vibe made an impact with him, and he decided he was ready to cross into the light.


As he accepted that he could move on, a doorway appeared with indescribably beautiful light and a tremendous feeling of joy pouring from it. Fifty to maybe a hundred people were lining the walls of this tunnel of light, as far as I could see, down the length of it. Generations of family members and friends were there to welcome him. That was when I fully lost it. I began laughing hysterically as I couldn't contain my delight, rivers of tears running down my cheeks. As he entered the doorway they began to crowd around him, as if at the airport welcoming their most treasured loved one from a long trip, and walked with him as he continued his trip through the terminal. The peace and bliss that flowed from the doorway was wonderful beyond imagination.


Throughout the next day, I'd just fall into fits of laughter when recalling and the feeling I had, or I'd begin crying in gratitude to have been witness to this spirit's crossing.


Know that whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, you and yours will be getting more than a glimpse. And if I'm still around, and you come back and visit me, I get to happily say, "I told you so!"


A Dark Story

The frustrating part is not being able to tell them. And even if I did, they'd think I was crazy. Probably be a little worried, too. When I wasn't around they'd talk and maybe come up with a plan of action to get me help. Intervention. Like when I was a kid. Mom thought I was on drugs. I was acting weird. Really weird. Well, looking back, I was weird. I was probably an odd kid to begin with, but then if you add the fact that my environment was so different than what everyone else was experiencing, well... Yeah. I was weird.


But not including them in all of this feels like I'm excluding them from such an important part of my life. Our loved ones are supposed to be a part no matter what, right? Sort of a “we'll get through this together” and “you can tell me anything” relationship. I'm guessing that this is outside of those rules. There are some things that I don't think we can tell.


As soon as I get close to talking about this stuff, people's body language changes. They begin to fidget. It doesn't help that as soon as they open up to it, I start gushing my experiences. I mean, I back way off as soon as I realize that I'm going too far. And I'm hardly getting into it. These are just the typical daily occurrences. I hardly even recognize that this stuff is even happening any more. It's that frequent or normal for me. It's the other stuff. The scary and wondrous stuff that I want to share. The stuff that's important. That matters to me.


There are things that lurk in the shadows. They come through our walls and hide in our closets. Recently when they saw me coming they slid under the carpet to hide. Of course they're under kids' beds. They're always nearby. But don't worry. They usually don't care. They let us go about our business without getting involved. That is, unless we attract their attention.


It could be that we drink a little too much or maybe we're too emotional. Some of them like that kind of drama. They miss the rage or the feeling of being inebriated. They may latch on to our auras to get a little buzz, or maybe get inside to influence our thoughts or behaviors. Everybody draws these guys' attention. Lots of us have had one of these guys riding around with us for a while. Attached, as we call it. No big deal, unless they're able to get us to do stuff.


Sorry. I digress. There's something else that'll attract their attention. They'll be hanging around, doing whatever they do, and they'll notice a light, up on the hill. They can see the light, shining through the walls of buildings and all of the other man-made objects standing in their way. But they'll see the light and know that it's something unique or important. Maybe they'll go see what it is. And in an instant, they're right with us. Because we've got some sensitivity we glow into the other dimensions, and they'll come right in to see who we are, even from miles away. The brighter we are, the more interesting we are to them.


If we're a bonfire on the hill, we may light up more than just the neighboring realms. Others may come from places we're not even aware of and have motives that we can't even comprehend. They may do things to us that we have no way of stopping. That even we can't see, even with our special abilities. Things that jolt us awake in the night, arching our bodies in pain. But this is how it is. What we've learned to live with. So we go back to sleep because we've got to go to work in the morning.

A Dark Story


The most effective way to schedule a session or connect with me is through email or text.


Please note: When you contact me for this service, do not provide details in the initial conversation. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by anything you’ve told me.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to speak with you soon!

Brett Carstens

(310) 362-7602 Text only please

1901 Lincoln Blvd #523, Santa Monica, CA 90405


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