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What Clients Say About Me


My experience with Brett was a very pleasant one, and in my opinion one of the most informative readings I've had in a while. With just being given my first name and location, he was able to pick out key things about my lifestyle, background and personality. While he did mention a couple things that seemed insignificant to me at the time (ie. a little girl with light curly hair), I did find out through another reader that I've come into contact with that this girl seems to be reoccurring and quite possibly a spirit guide. It was Brett who first brought that to my attention and I thank him for that.


In addition, he also gave me a read and some advice relating to my love life. At the time I had no one in the picture and he mentioned that there was someone out there for me but I was pretty much blocking them. He said I was naturally good at manifesting my wants, and gave me a bit of insight that led me to look into the law of attraction. After 2 years of being single, a week and a half later I was on a date with a man that soon after mentioned that he wanted to start a relationship with me. We are currently taking things slow and I'm looking to see how this is going to play out, but all I know is that Brett surely does have something special. I've enjoyed my conversations with him, his pleasant demeanor and the fact that he pairs his abilities with knowledgeable advice. I certainly recommend him and look forward to future readings. -Sandra from Ontario

This review took me a long time to write. Mainly because of the impact Brett's work had on my life. I'm always eager to get under the surface and get to the root of any issues I've got going on. So, this is what we did. 

Brett was able to locate a few "tagalongs" that in different ways, held me back or promoted unhealthy habits/behaviors. He was also able to connect with my Spirit Guide which was great because WOW, the encouragement was needed! After each reading, we were able to talk in detail about the possible meanings throughout the reading. The great thing is, I'm still uncovering deeper understandings. 

A few months later, I've kicked the unhealthy habits, have gotten more confident in my daily living and have found a comforting reassurance that I'm on the right path. 

I'd recommend Brett Carstens any day to everyone willing to look beyond the obvious and into other realms of consciousness.
-Sevina from Los Angeles


Brett!! I'm amazed. He picked up on many things and didn't ask for any information. He also picked up on my doc. I didn't tell him what kind of doc he is, but he picked up on him. That was really surprising. Also he described the guy's nature accurately. I highly recommend Brett. I bet you won't regret getting a reading from him. :) He's very generous and warns you if something bad is coming up. All in all, he's awesome! Thanks so much Brett! :) xxx

- Shwetha from India


You are more than correct! It's exactly how you say. Thank you so much for your insight. It really helps me to accept it for what it is. You have a remarkable gift for precision and I really appreciate your help! -Nichole from California 

OMG! you are good! Omg! That was cool and it all made perfect sense!!!

-Erica from New Jersey

Perfect reading. Thank you. –Cathy from Capetown 

Three words: You got it. The imagery was spot on! It felt like whatever happened, there was only one viable choice; one place to go, exactly like my message. All in all, this reading was a success. Cheers! -Jake from Utah 


Thank you so much for your reading, I think you made a good connection with it. -Kevin from California

The things that you listed are spot on! The scene you described speaks to me a lot. Again, Thanks! 
-James from Arizona 

That reading was actually pretty great. Thank you. -Cheryl from New Mexico

I thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it! You are very sweet!

-Candice from Michigan



The most effective way to schedule a session or connect with me is through email or text.


Please note: When you contact me for this service, do not provide details in the initial conversation. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by anything you’ve told me.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to speak with you soon!

Brett Carstens

(310) 362-7602 Text only please

1901 Lincoln Blvd #523, Santa Monica, CA 90405


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