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Spirit Guides

You've got a team of folks on the other side of the veil looking out for you. They're there to keep you on your path, and are willing to lend a hand if you ask for help. They'll also step in, at their discretion, in emergencies. Here's typically who's around.


Passed family and friends will come by from time to time, for big events, or when they feel you missing them. They're around, watching over you, and want what's best for you. They've also likely got their issues sorted out, and are just full of supportive energy when they visit. But they've got a lot of work to do on the other side that deals with learning and growing, so they usually can't be here, hanging out all of the time. And since we know that they're fine, and they visit when we miss them, we'd probably want what's best for them, and want them to be doing their otherworldly work.


Next on your team, your most valuable player, is your spirit guide. I don't like to call your guide your angel or guardian angel, because those dudes are their own category and it gets confusing. Anyhow, you've got guides with you all of your life. They were involved with you before you incarnated, helping you design the script of how you want your life to go. Your guides know what the big scenes are and what needs to happen in order for you to meet your significant people in your life. So he/she will guide you along your life path to make sure that what you want to happen is able to. If you start to get off your path, they'll put up little barriers to try to keep you on track. If you jump the track, it's okay. You just might not accomplish everything on your script. And you may call for a rewrite and change plans.


Then you get to your higher level guys. Angels are around and will come in and help when things get wild, or you're getting a little wild, or when you might fly off of your life path. They come to assist your guides when they need a bit stronger support and authority, or when you call on them for their help. And then there are the Archangels, and other top-level beings.  These are your biblical figures, gods and goddesses from other cultures, and just about anybody else you might want to call upon for support, from every culture and belief system.


You've got lots of support. Take a moment to say "thanks," and feel free to ask for their help. And if you want to get to know them better, quiet your mind and listen to what they say.

Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides can be from any culture
About My
Keeping Your

About My Childhood

SoCal haunted house in CA where this psychic medium etc met and interacted with some of his first ghosts and spirits
Los Angeles Psychic Medium Brett Carstens in a Seoul Korea temple working some bad photography and acting like a dork

I began sleeping with a camera the night after my younger brother and I had a ghost experience together. I must have been 7 or 8 at the time. This was not the first spirit I had seen, but it was the most vivid and undeniable at that point. 


I awoke to my brother screaming in the lower bunk and saw a woman at the foot of our bed, seemingly moving toward him.  As I raced to the end of my bunk, I watched the woman sink through the floor.  She was semi-transparent, white, and covered with a  veil. When our mom came into the room to check on us, I started working to debunk it but couldn't come up with any alternate explanation.  Then we explored the house to see if she was still around, but she was just gone.


While being told by society that ghosts aren't real, my family and I knew different. The acceptance and support of my family allowed my to keep a wide-open mind and to continue to have these experiences without fear. 


Another sighting that happened before the woman in white was of a short, shrouded, non-transparent ghost darting past me into a closet. I almost fell backwards I was so startled, but I managed to look into the empty closet before racing back downstairs to safety.


An experience that gave me useful information about spirits was when I saw and chased a white mist down a hallway and stairwell, until it disappeared through a wall.  This was evidence of intelligence in a haunting as it reacted to my rushing towards it. 


I've had so many experiences throughout my life that I've grown to need a fan (or now, at least white noise) to sleep.  The wind allowed me to dismiss the sounds of things moving around my room when I was a teenager.  I could more readily convince myself that the moving items were just being blown around by the oscillating fan.


Skip to the present and I'm interacting with the other side of the veil, in order to help, heal, teach, enlighten, and encourage others on this same journey of spiritual unfolding. 

Keeping Your Journal

As your psychic abilities begin unfolding, it's important for you to begin recording your experiences in a journal. That goes for if you start to experience paranormal activity, too, as the little details take on larger significance when seen as pieces of a larger puzzle.


My journal has been invaluable to me. I've used it to track who's shown up at the house or in my life, when phenomena occurs, and the synchronicities that add up to create patterns.  I've kept track of names of unseen visitors, personal messages from spirits, and visions I've been shown, as well as the steps in my development.


I do have to commit myself to writing notes in it every day (or at least every other day), but tend to keep them short and to the point. I write in incomplete sentences, draw diagrams or illustrations when I need to. There's a balance between giving enough detail to make a post useful and keeping it manageable as a daily habit.


As you're starting out on your journey, go buy a journal that you like and will be dedicated to writing in every day. Trust me.  It will be worth it if you keep at it.  Oh! And no tearing out pages.

Los Angeles Psychic Medium Brett Carstens Paranormal Journal where I keep track of my clairvoyant experiences with the unseen and invisible world hidden behind a dimensional veil


The most effective way to schedule a session or connect with me is through email or text.


Please note: When you contact me for this service, do not provide details in the initial conversation. I don't want to be subconsciously influenced by anything you’ve told me.


Thank you for your interest. I hope to speak with you soon!

Brett Carstens

(310) 362-7602 Text only please

1901 Lincoln Blvd #523, Santa Monica, CA 90405


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