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When I've got a chunk of time (and permission from the wife), I like to go out on multi-week solo motorcycle adventures. I'm talking about month-long rides wherever the wind (or spirit) takes me. I've ridden my dirt bike from Los Angeles to the Arctic circle in Alaska. I've explored the ruins of the Southwest, the woods of the Northwest, and skirted parts of the Canadian and Mexican borders. 


Some of my most exciting and worthwhile experiences have been a result of barriers or breakdowns along the way. I've been stranded in some scenic and wonderful spots. It's forced me to realize that things happen for a reason and often results in incredible opportunities that I would have missed if I hadn't run into trouble. 


I've mentioned how free will and predestination can work together here, so I won't go into it further except to say that we wrote out our script and asked our spirit guides to help direct us as we act out our life. We can rewrite our script whenever we want, but it might cause us to miss some of our planned events, connections, and experiences so we don't get everything we had wanted in this life. 


And sometimes we just get a flat tire and that's that. There's no big significance to it and it's just an annoyance. But other times, the obstacle has been placed in our path on purpose. It's part of our story. Or it's got a greater purpose. A flat tire may help us avoid a catastrophic accident or maybe it's there to redirect us back to following our script. 


Our guides gently nudge us back onto our life path as we begin to deviate. But because we've forgotten about our plans, we'll sometimes fail to follow the redirection and require a bigger bump to get us on track. And when that doesn't work, we'll slam into an unyielding and uncomfortable barrier. If we're struggling without gaining experience or knowledge, and just spinning our wheels, we're doing it wrong and need to stop and listen.


When we do it right, following the nudges and allowing for the universe to provide us with opportunities and surprises, amazing things can happen.


On one ride, my engine basically blew up at 70 mph on the freeway. I was unharmed and after much worry, a buddy came to my rescue and we trucked my bike back to Los Angeles. I pulled the engine apart and worked to get it running again, but to no avail. With my scheduled riding window growing shorter, and me unable to get the bike back on the road, I became more and more frustrated, until I accepted that this trip wasn't meant to be. I stood up while wiping oil from my hands, looked skyward and said, "Alright Universe, I'm done. I'll stop trying to make this happen. I'm open. Guide me." And within ten minutes I received a phone call with a career opportunity that I wouldn't have been available for if I had been out of town, on my ride. 


I've been given fantastic surprises and opportunities countless times when I stop struggling, running into barriers and blocks, and open up to what the Universe (or God) has in store.

Los Angeles Psychic Medium Brett Carstens on a solo motorcycle ride through the Glacier Parkway in British Columbia and Alberta
Los Angeles Psychic Medium Brett Carstens Broken down in Utah near an old haunted hotel and store. My kind of paranormal breakdown location with no ghosts offering rescue


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